Your International Student Teaching assignments have been revised. The following assignments must be submitted to Dr. Peacock ( e-mail attachments by Friday, December 4th.

  1. "Sharing Your Cultural Identity"
  2. "Culminating Assignment"
  3. Complete a weekly blog

Once you leave the country you will submit one blog entry each Sunday.

First week blog:

  • Why you wanted to participate in the IST Program
  • What you feel you will gain from this experience relative to teaching
  • How do you think this field experience will be different from student teaching in the US.

Each week discuss any of the following:

  • Teaching strategies, content knowledge, school culture, English language learners, importance of education, impact of culture on education, knowledge about how others live, or other unique experiences.

Final blog entry:

  • Address what you have learned about teaching, schools, and culture of your destination country and specifically about your own school. How has this experience compared to field experiences in the U.S.?
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